Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008, Part 3

Wednesday night we had steaks and fixings at Sharon's. Landon didn't want to go at first, he wanted to stay at Grammys so Santa could come. We finally convinced him that there were presents at Sharon's too. Of course, that kind of backfired on us when it was time to go to church. He didn't want to leave, we weren't doing presents til we got back from church. Finally, Kallie and Abby convinced him to go with them. We had singing night at church. There was lots of family, the singing was great. Then back to Sharon's.

Again, we got great stuff. Then we played games, Bryan worked more on the puzzle, Apples to Apples was the hit. Then it was time to go home to wait for Santa.

It took a while to get Landon to sleep, but he finally went to bed around 1.

Santa came overnight. We all woke up early, but Landon didn't. We he finally got up, he ran to the living room, saw all the toys. Then screamed that he didn't want to wear his Christmas pajamas. After getting dressed, he ran back to the living room. He was so excited to see his bat cave, batman and friends, his new golf clubs and especially his tool bench. We were soon making a bird house and playing with batman and joker.

We went over to Sharon's for a late lunch. Landon loved playing with his cousins. Every morning he'd wake up and ask if Kallie and Abby were going to be there.

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