Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend in Review (Go Gators!)

On Friday, I purchased a new game for my DS - hence a weekend that wasn't as productive as it should have been. I did get one more project done. And am still loving my Grandma's sewing machine.

The Grinch was on TV - Landon refers to it as the Bench. Mean, mean bench. Not sure why because he can see ggg. In fact, he'd say, "Gggg, ggg, bench." (He loved it so much, we ended up going to the store and getting it on DVD.)

On Saturday morning, Landon and I made cupcakes (orange and blue) and peanut butter cornflakes. Add that to hot dogs, bratwursts, peppermint pretzels, cookies, dips, chips...big smorgasbord for the SEC championship game. I ate SOOO much this weekend. The game was great. Go Gators! Landon slept through the whole thing, over three hours. He woke up just in time for the win, and then Mel, Maddox, Lan and I headed down to the Christmas parade. We squeezed in to a spot and sat for a while. We were after the judges, so the parade had some lapse time between floats/bands. After about an hour, we realized the kids were done with the parade, so we headed back to the car. (And I should mention here, Mel had two backseat drivers. Maddox was telling her to watch out for the cars coming at us, and Landon was telling her where to turn.)

On Sunday, Nic and I worked in the studio for a couple hours. I did some decal work which really turned out great. and I made like 1000 pendants. Or so it seemed. They should be finished by this afternoon, we have so much more to do. (that list I need to make still hasn't been made.)

Bry grilled some brat's for us, and we sat outside to eat. It was gorgeous out. We just got finished taking Landon out for a ride to see the lights in the neighborhood. I'm not sure if its due to how late Thanksgiving fell or due to the recession, but there's about 1/3 of the lights this year. Maybe half. But the people who did put up lights...I think they're trying to make up for those who didn't. Some yards were really out of control. Maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow. (Cause I so have time to be doing that.)


  1. I think it's the short time between Thanksgiving & Christmas -- hubby is still "thinking about" putting our lights up. :(