Friday, December 5, 2008

One very productive day down...

Yesterday, food wise, AWESOME! I ate really well, and didn't have to eat one tums. Plus, when I finally laid down in bed, I wasn't sick at all. yay! Just shows you how eating right makes your whole life better.

I didn't, however, run yesterday. I take full responsibility for that. But, the time spent not running, I was able to finish one whole project last night. I was blessed to get my Grandmother Calton's sewing machine, along with her sewing table and it's contents. Let me just say, her machine is about 30 times better than mine. At first, I couldn't even get it threaded and working, so I went back to using my old one. Well, its done. Some thing's wrong with the tension - I'm going to have to take it apart to look at it. So, I dig through the table, and sure enough, she has the manual for the machine! I get everything set up and away I a sewing fool. The "projects" turned out really great, I hope my family thinks so.

Tonight, I start my second set of sewing projects. These might take a little bit longer since it requires a lot of hemming. I have everything set up in the guest room. It actually works out really nicely, probably because the room is huge.

I still haven't completely made a good list for everything I need to get done, but I'll do that today, since I know some of my tasks require shopping.

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