Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beautiful Morning

It's beautiful out today. After a very windy night, the cold front has moved in. I think it's in the 50s out now.

Last night, we decided to do some prelim Christmas shopping. So, off to the mall. And then we waited. and waited. Traffic was horrible. And its not even December yet! The mall was full for a Friday night. We wondered around, didn't find much. Headed over to Toys R Us which was also packed. They were having a late owl special or something...again, didn't find much. Landon wanted a Thomas bike, but Bryan really tried to push the spiderman bike - which, turnedd out to be too big for Lan to peddle.

Don't have big plans for the weekend. I got some glass yesterday, which I'm hoping to cut and fire for pendants this weekend. Have some more returns...and of course, we've got another turkey in the fridge waiting to be fried.


  1. ooh would love to see pics of your pendants~art work.

  2. I had to go out and get pillows for Luke's bed today, and apparently nobody told Evansville that there's a recession on. It. was. nuts.