Monday, November 17, 2008

My turn

Bryan had to go to work early, so it was my turn to take Landon to school. Mondays are always hard, but especially if Mom's doing the dropping off.

This morning, Landon and I went into the kitchen and I said, "oh man, dad forgot to make some coffee." Lan replies that we have to go to Bucee's. LOL. Smart boy.

It was pretty cold this morning, somewhere in the 40s. But all Landon will wear is crocs. So, jeans with crocs...and then I wrap him up in his blanky. Bryan calls us on the way to make sure we're up and going. Lan yells "you forgot the coffee dad!" Landon spotted some gummy worms while at bucee's so we had to pick up some of those.

Then to school. I had to fight to get him out of the car. Today was Spanish class. So I got to sit and count to 10 in spanish, then sing "Feliz Navidad" - but when the teacher brought out a video of Rodulf in Spanish, I made my exit. Poor Lan. I know we need to get him there earlier so he'll have a chance to play before going straight into school work. And that's all on me.

He's really excited about Christmas. We got a Santa blow up this weekend for the yard, along with a winnie the pooh and tiger that pop out of a present. Lan had a great time punching them, then bouncing off.

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