Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday with Friends

Lan got to have a grand weekend with his friends. Maddox came over on Friday for the fire-roasting hot dogs and marsh mellows. He and Landon were nuts the whole time, they had a wonderful time playing together and watch Scooby Doo. At one point, they were in the backyard and wanted to get up on the slide without crawling all the way around. They tried getting their from the window ledge - no good. Then Maddox says, "Wait, I've got an idea!" and starts dragging their little table over. We all laughed and convinced them both that going around and climbing up was the better way.

On Saturday, Seth and Sage came over for the afternoon. Lan coo'ed at Sage and thought it was hilarious when he talked back. But most of the afternoon, Seth, Landon and I played together. We went outside for awhile, playing in the hammock, and then taking turns playing baseball. Seth would pitch to Landon, then Landon would pitch to Seth. It was pretty hilarious to watch. Then we went back inside and played with cars, blocks, and animals. Seth and Landon had a great time, and from all the coo'ing from Sage, he enjoyed sitting and talking and playing with Bryan. They watched the Florida game together. Fun seeing Bryan with a little one again. He loves kids, you can really tell he enjoys making sure the kids are having a good time, not focusing on himself. Big man coo'ing at a little baby, too precious.

The pic is of Landon after Seth left...he wanted to see if "Seff" was coming back.

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