Monday, November 24, 2008

Give Thanks

I know this will be a recurring blog theme this week, but two things I want to mention.

First, my little brother's girlfriend was in a car/train accident. Basically, her car got stuck on the track, she tried to get out just as the train hit her. And no, no alcohol was involved. She's doing much better now, lots of stitches and pain, but she's alive and coherent (started out in a coma.) Tanner's helping her as much as he can, with physical therapy, eating and just keeping her going. Both of them really need prayers right now.

Second, one of my Chi O sisters passed away this weekend. She died from carbon monoxide poisoning. She left two children and a husband.

Just appreciate the family you have...give them a hug and a kiss today. And tell them how much you love them.


  1. How sad and scary. It is true. Our time together is too short. I'm sending my prayers.

  2. Sorry about that news. Such awful tragedies. I'm sending good prayer vibes too.