Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why today is crappy:
1. Incorrectly linked everything on one of our major web pages to one link. My software only let me "undo" four of the links. I had to manually replace all the others, that's somewhere around 175 links.
2. Several XML files are missing on our server. No explanation.
3. I have a document due for a meeting this afternoon. Found out at noon that what I had put together wasn't anything like what was requested.
4. Aunt Flo came, early.
5. I dropped an earring in the toilet.
6. The ceiling in our office has water stains, again. Apparently, the roof hasn't been fixed from IKE.
7. Did I mention having to fix 175 links cause I jacked up somehow?

Why today is going to turn out okay:
1. It's Bryan's birthday
2. We went to IHOP for breakfast.
3. My BFF went home with me at lunch and we both got to vent about our day (and yeah, it was only half way through.)
4. I'm eating a Sonic cheeseburger (and I have reese's in my purse.)
5. It's not raining and its not hot.
6. Because I'm going to choose it to be...


  1. I don't know anything about programming, but that sounds like The Suck.

    Hope it's close to being all done now.

    Happy bday to your hubs. LOVE IHOP. LOVE Sonic. LOVE Reese's.

    Now I want pancakes & burgers & chocolate.

    You're such a bad influence. :)

  2. Sorry about the suck-ass crappy stuff, yay for the good stuff.

  3. Great post,you summed up everything so well!
    and thanks for the vent session, I really did feel better after that.

  4. Hope today is easier work-wise. Earrings in the toilet SUCK. As does software that doesn't do exactly what you need it to do. But good job making that choice to have an okay day nevertheless!