Thursday, November 13, 2008

An end to the day...

So, I mentioned that it was Bryan's birthday. We decide to meet the gang out at Saltgrass at Kemah. A lot of that area is still recovering from Ike, but the Kemah boardwalk is "mostly" open - all the restaurants are getting back on track. So, yeah, we sit down, and we have a waiter in training. Or a waiter, with a waiter in training following couldn't really tell which one was supposed to "know the ropes."

Then - THEN - then! the fire alarm goes off. We look around...none of the staff are addressing the situation - the chefs' obviously aren't running from the we stay seated. The screeching alarm goes off. We all laugh.

THEN - it goes off again. And again....and AGAIN. I'm talking 20 minutes of it going off, stopping for a while, then going off again. We're holding our ears, shouting to each other, holding the kids ears. Not once, in that whole time did the manager address anyone in the dining area. We mention this to our waiter, he apologizes over and over...half of us go outside, wondering if we should just leave (which would suck for the waiter...but come on! 20 minutes of deafening alarms!?) Oh, and did I mention that the fire department NEVER showed up. Good thing it was a false alarm. After it was finally over...we sit back down to eat our salads, which have been waiting at our table. Our foods also ready, so we cram those plates on the table too.

And, never, did we get addressed or an apology from the manager. Our poor waiter (in training?) apologized over and over and was probably scared to death we were going to rant and rave. Which we did, just not to him. LOL.

So that's how this day ended.


  1. What's up with that?! We stayed at our usual Doubletree Hotel in Indianapolis last year at Thanksgiving (have family up there and anytime we stay, that's the hotel we use). The fire alarm went off over and over and over again in the middle of the night. It was a bunch of kids doing it. And they got nailed. But not until they'd set it off like 5 or 6 times. We complained, and got a free night!

    I can't believe no one did anything for you guys. That's enough to never want to go back to that place (unless, of course, it's just to die for and then nothing can keep you away). At least it will be a memorable birthday dinner for Bryan.