Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Suite 300

We're on the second week of Landon being in suite 300. The teacher over there are great. But every morning, Landon cries and begs to not go to school. Then every afternoon, I have to drag him out of the class...he never wants to leave.

Bryan had some insight and thinks its due to the fact that when he gets dropped off, its usually story time or spanish class. So all the kids are sitting in a circle. So instead of playing when he gets to school, he goes straight to the learning aspect and has to sit and be quiet.


We can get him up earlier, and try to get to school earlier. Which, in turn, would mean we'd have to get him to bed a little earlier, so that he'd wake earlier. I think this is definitely what needs to happen.

Oh, and every day, he tells us, "No jakey at school today" - his best friend Jakey hasn't moved up yet. I know he misses him.

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