Sunday, November 30, 2008

UF vs FSU 08

The forecast was 30% chance of rain...yeah, well, turned out to be 100% for 90% of the day. Bry's friends picked us up and we headed over to Chad's friends house, that's, lucky for us, located about 5 minute walk from the stadium. We hang out for a while, watching Georgia get embarrassed by Georgia Tech. We decide we'll head out at 3:09 (yeah, I'm serious.) It was sprinkling, and at 3:09, the bottom broke out, and it started pouring. The first 10 steps, we worried about trying to stay out of puddles, after that, it was pretty much useless. It was pouring, and we were walking through a river running through the apartment complex. We actually saw a kid bite it, and fall into a 4 foot ditch full of water.

The whole walk its pouring, people are in rain gear, sloshing towards the gates, everyone chanting and talking trash. We finally make it into the stadium, my shoes are no longer just wet, they're basically holding ponds.

Our seats were great, we were near the south end zone, and we actually had some room around us. That might have been due to the fact that right in front of us was an obnoxious, uh, jerk. He tried talking trash (he was Florida state) for the first three minutes, then realized they were going to get their butts kicked, so he kind of backed off, talking to us at least. And, no lie, he hit his friends on the butt like 15 times. And not just a slap, like you're playing football and did a good job, he did a whole grab-lift move. Never quite understood what was going on there.

Towards the end of the first half, I notice a guy across the tunnel from first he looks, "mentally challenged" but then I realize he's just drunk. And then, THEN, then he pukes all down the bleachers! I'm so not kidding. And does it several times.

The rain was off and on most of the game. Just when we thought it'd be okay to take our hoods off, we'd see more rain coming and a wave of people trying to get back in their rain gear. We were soaked. I finally tied a trash bag around my waist, wearing it like a skirt to keep my legs dry and warm.

The most ridiculous thing I've ever seen....the whole stadium cheered...I mean, seriously cheered when Percy Harvin got hurt. What is that? Seriously? You have such low class that you cheer for someone getting hurt. But, Tebow said that's what got him going...he asked coach to give him the ball so he could hit someone.

After the game, the rain kicked it into high gear again, started pouring. I've never stood in the rain that long. My feet were numb and cold. But what a great time.

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