Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm not so young anymore

Man, I hurt.
Old Lady hurt.
Old Lady, out of shape, hurt.
Old lady, out of shape, with no lung capacity hurt.

Last night was playoffs. We placed first in the season, so we had the first game. I kid you not, there was no AC running in that gym. By the end of the match (3 sets) I was soaked from head to toe. My shorts, my shirt, my sports bra, knee pads, I think even my socks were soaked. And I was exhausted. We had to set a match and then we played for the championship, which we lost in the third game. By the time I got home, I could barely move. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to lift my arms to shampoo my hair.

And this morning? Yeah, I feel old. We used to play 5 times a week. Seriously, for like 4 hours a night. (Then we'd go eat Mexican food or Taco Bell or some other crap.) But that, yeah, that was at least five years ago. Back in my twenties. LOL. And I'm definitely not that age anymore.

So, once I recover, I'm going to spend the next few months (the season won't start again til next year) getting back into shape. And maybe, just maybe this will become a running blog again.


  1. LMAO at your opening paragraph.

    But, girlfriend, didn't you just get over being sick? Like, really sick? And it wasn't in your lungs? Regardless of your fitness level, I'd guess that only getting over it recently would compromise your lung capacity.

    Of course, getting into shape for next season is a wonderful motivator.

    Congrats on winning 1st for the season, and playing hard the whole championship.

  2. Great job on the v-ball. Snap out of it, you old fart. You rock. :)

  3. Nah, you're still young! Just a bad night ;-)

  4. Ha, I have shoes as old as you! Just keep doing something....