Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sick and Tired of being sick and tired

Yes, another post about coughing. Seriously, when is this going to end. I went to the chiropractor yesterday thinking the pain I have under my right breast was simply a rib head out of place. Unfortuanately, the adjustment didn't solve the pain and it looks like I've pulled an muscle from coughing.

And six days of antibiotics later? Still coughing, still blowing my nose, still feeling like crap. And now, the coughing really is a pain. Every time I feel a cough coming on, I hold my boob and brace myself. LOL...I'm sure I could get volunteers for this job...but once they heard the hacking they'd prolly run. I'm actually out hacking the old smoker in our group. Now that's impressive.

As for the rest of my life...wait, there is no rest of my life right now. I'm putting everything on pause til I can get over this junk. I came home early from work today and took a much needed nap. Then Landon and I got some ice cream and now Bryan's going to grill some steaks.

It should be an interesting night. I hope its a final decision and we don't have to go through recounts. Nice...the news anchor is talking to us during the national anthem. I'm so ready for this to be finished and decided.


  1. How awful and painful and frustrating. I feel for you Jo. Take care of yourself, rest and I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Awwwhhhh man! I'm so sorry you're still sick, chica! I can only imagine how annoying it must be :-(

  3. So sorry you have battling one after another. Hang in there things can only get better :-)

  4. Oh, no! Well, your blog looks great-- this is the first time I've swung by since you changed it. I hope by the next time I come by you've stopped coughing!